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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

bucket lists....

hello from India...or should I say Namaste! 

I havent been blogging as much - and I know I should be and more importantly, I want to be...its a habit I guess, something that takes time to develop - almost like a behavior. 

Anyways, here it goes...haha!

Todays topic...bucket lists. I dont know how I feel about them...I have spent the past couple of days thinking about this. I am in India - as I mentioned earlier, and being here, there is a lot that I want to do - some of these, some may classify some of these things as bucket list worthy. I guess I take the philosophy on living one day at a time - when I am in a place, whether home or abroad, there are things that I have planned, things I want to do, but clumping them into a list...hmm, I am not sure...feel free to comment :)

Some of the things that I have done since I have been in India which I have wanted to do include:

riding in a rickshaw in Bombay
singing an Indian song to a group - thanks CHEC Tour friends
seeing a bollywood movie in a cinema in India - saw Mere Brother Ki Dulhaan - go see it if you havent already!
crossing the street - sounds funny....try it, then we can talk!

This is a short list...and I am sure I am forgetting some things. Feel free to share things that I should do while I am here too...

There are things that I havent done - see the Taj Mahal - it is day it will happen. 

As always, thanks for reading...hope, if nothing else, this got you thinking!


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  1. I totally commend you for actually making it safely on the other side of the road!!! I will be back in Mumbai among other places in Dec/Jan and can't wait. Thanks for posting! I'm loving it!!!!