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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Reflecting on 2011...

2011 - what are the moments that defined this year? I am not sure if there is one moment that defined this world. I am not sure if there is a moment or a word that defined the year. Looking back, we experienced some historical moments - Ghadafi and Bin Landen are no longer with us, we have a very different landscape in northern Africa, the earth suffered earthquakes and other natural disasters, teams achieved a lot and a city suffed because a team came in 2nd, and people much more. How does this affect me? As this year ends, all of this reminds me that I am able to control one! I can control my love, my forgiveness, care, my emotions. These re thins that can make my world a better place. Not settling for anything less than the best, not becoming upset over things I can't control, ensuring that I am surrounding myself with amazing friends who deeply care about me as much as I care about them, and respecting all those that come into my life. I don't really have a resolution - I mean, I would love to become more in shape and am taking steps to do that, I was oiled appreciate having someone special to share my life with, I can probably do with more visits to friends and family living abroad. But I think and believe that I can be happiest recognizing what I share with the world. It would be amazing if more people can recognize their hidden gifts!! Wishing you peace and love in 2012!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

we are young....


time to recalibrate...

sometimes i realize i just need a break, i believe this is true for all humans. theres a saying out there - "we are not machines." i find this a bit funny, because even machines need to be shut down every now and then. i dont know what there is about my system, but i just know. something ticks, something just says....its time to slow down a bit sameer. in the past i would move until i burnt out, i think with age and experience, i have gotten to know what my limitations are, what my breaking point it is. i can catch myself better - this is a great thing for me and for others in my life. 

what do i do to find some balance? there are many things that i enjoy doing that help me relax, in no particular order, they are:

being with close friends and family
sharing a conversation with an old friend
sleeping in
praying and meditating
watching a good movie (bollywood preferred)
sitting in silence
writing this blog

there are other things as well....want to share some of what you do? i would appreciate more ideas...

thanks for reading as always!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

home...where the heart is

we all have various definitions for home....i know that i use the word interchangeably with a lot of different places, and people often do get confused. i use the word home to describe vancouver, the place where my parents live in dallas, the hotel that will check into if i have been on the road....and so many other places. each place is unique and is called home for various reasons....

i am in nairobi, kenya for work this week...and well, guessed it - nairobi is home for me this week. but this isnt like a hotel home, or a temporary home. this is very much a real home - just like my parents house. this is familiar, this is warm (literally and figuratively), this is loving...this is where my heart is! in feb of 2008, i made my first trip to my ancestral land (kenya) and it was amazing! upon landing there was a feeling of nostalgia that i felt - it was like i have been here before. i spent time with my family here - people who i respect and love beyond belief, people who are so kind and who understand the real meaning of the word family! i was just here for a short trip, but on the trip, i was asked to relocate to nairobi. without hesitation, i said YES!

i had the opportunity to live in nairobi and travel through east africa in my two and a half years here. it was a great experience. being here taught me so much about life and struggle and that happiness is what you make of it. being here also showed me that i have a home here. i have people who i love and care for, and who love and care for me. i have people who i can laugh and cry with, people who are close to me and people who i can depend on. i had a purpose here. and well, now is no different. as i run into familiar faces here, i realize that this is home, this is where my heart is...this is one place that i can be happy and i can thrive! this is true for kenya and tanzania...i have been spoiled here....when i am back in canada, i do ask myself what would life be like if i were still here....and well, it would pretty amazing. one day, i hope to return to my home in africa!

asante sana kenya, tanzania! asante sana...

peace and the rain falls in africa....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

sameer's bollywood picks...

hello friends :)

I write this with bollywood on my mind. I have just left India, and am now in Dhaka...I guess part of this blog is dedicated to my time in India, trying to hold on to that amazing culture and country. Part of this is looking forward to my time in Bangladesh and understanding the culture here - its been less than 24 hours so far, but I have been picking up on the observations - thats for another time.

This time, I figured I would focus on some of my favorite Bollywood movies - there is no order to this...and I would ask, if you want to share your favorites with me, please do!

Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham
Seeta aur Geeta
Dhobi Ghat
Once Upon a Time in Mumbai
Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayange
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Jab We Met
3 Idiots
Jaane tu ya Jaane na
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
Qayamat se Qayamat tak
Aaja Nachale
Umrao Jaan - new and old
Om Shanti Om
Kal ho na ho
Jodhaa Akbar

This isnt an exhaustive list...I think I am losing some of my memories. This is a start...this may be one of the ongoing blogs...if you havent seen should!


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

bucket lists....

hello from India...or should I say Namaste! 

I havent been blogging as much - and I know I should be and more importantly, I want to be...its a habit I guess, something that takes time to develop - almost like a behavior. 

Anyways, here it goes...haha!

Todays topic...bucket lists. I dont know how I feel about them...I have spent the past couple of days thinking about this. I am in India - as I mentioned earlier, and being here, there is a lot that I want to do - some of these, some may classify some of these things as bucket list worthy. I guess I take the philosophy on living one day at a time - when I am in a place, whether home or abroad, there are things that I have planned, things I want to do, but clumping them into a list...hmm, I am not sure...feel free to comment :)

Some of the things that I have done since I have been in India which I have wanted to do include:

riding in a rickshaw in Bombay
singing an Indian song to a group - thanks CHEC Tour friends
seeing a bollywood movie in a cinema in India - saw Mere Brother Ki Dulhaan - go see it if you havent already!
crossing the street - sounds funny....try it, then we can talk!

This is a short list...and I am sure I am forgetting some things. Feel free to share things that I should do while I am here too...

There are things that I havent done - see the Taj Mahal - it is day it will happen. 

As always, thanks for reading...hope, if nothing else, this got you thinking!