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Saturday, 10 December 2011

time to recalibrate...

sometimes i realize i just need a break, i believe this is true for all humans. theres a saying out there - "we are not machines." i find this a bit funny, because even machines need to be shut down every now and then. i dont know what there is about my system, but i just know. something ticks, something just says....its time to slow down a bit sameer. in the past i would move until i burnt out, i think with age and experience, i have gotten to know what my limitations are, what my breaking point it is. i can catch myself better - this is a great thing for me and for others in my life. 

what do i do to find some balance? there are many things that i enjoy doing that help me relax, in no particular order, they are:

being with close friends and family
sharing a conversation with an old friend
sleeping in
praying and meditating
watching a good movie (bollywood preferred)
sitting in silence
writing this blog

there are other things as well....want to share some of what you do? i would appreciate more ideas...

thanks for reading as always!



  1. I think we both need to work on #3 of your list! Hope you are well bud.

  2. here is my list...
    1. listening to music and dancing
    2. talking to sameer on gtalk
    3. reading a novel

  3. pete - yes, we need to! i havent spoken with you in such a long time!

    thanks for sharing eru! talking to you on gtalk is great!

  4. Great post Sameer! I thought I would a thought on where to find "balancing time"

    My biggest goal in 2012 will be to become an early-riser. I read about it yesterday while flipping through "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff..."

    Basically, waking up earlier (the author woke up at 3 or 4am!) so that you can start each day with time for yourself instead of the usual wake up, get ready, rush to work. This personal time will hopefully give me more energy and happiness than I would gain from an hour or two of extra sleep.

  5. My list of things that help me relax and find balance are: (in no particular order)
    - spending time at the beach ( the sun, the sand and the waves are just so cathartic.)
    - a good book or a good bookstore!
    - getting together with close friends over chai and great conversations.
    - seva - service. Teaching secondary REC is definitely one of the most rewarding things I do. Although I leave physically and mentally exhausted, spiritually I am riding the wave!!!
    - blogging (need i say more)
    - swimming, biking, running (when I actually do any of these things, i feel great!)
    - spending time with my pets (my dog Annie and my cats, Chloe and Jackie)
    - vacationing with my sons.