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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rules of flying

What better time to write then when you cant sleep..haha! This jet lag thing is so overrated. Its about 323 am on Tuesday, September 6th and I cant sleep...ugh. I have to go to work later today, later meaning 7ish am. Oh what to do, but write a blog!

I am jet lagged because I recently came back to Vancouver from India. It was a long totaled out to about 3o hours with layover time, etc. The route was Bangalore to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver. The Toronto leg broke the trip up a bit, although in hindsight it would have been great to fly direct to Vancouver - I was tired at that point already. There are many keys to flying - things that can make my trip more enjoyable. One of those things is an aisle seat - I love my travel agent every time I fly because of the aisle seats :) Thanks Jacqueline! Yes, I know first class would be better, but the aisle seats are critical for me. 

Every flight coming back to Vancouver was packed! Not even one empty seat in coach - which is totally fine, if everyone co-operates. An example of not co-operating was what the guy from  Bangalore to Frankfurt was doing. When on a plane, I ask you to stay in your space (i.e. look at the seat in front of you and let that serve as your boundary!). Try not to put your feet, legs, bags, etc. in your neighbors space. The arm rest on either side of you is a shared space - not just your space, but a shared space...samja! I know youre probably tired at 215 am, the time the flight does depart, but please try to adhere to these rules of flying...this will make it more comfortable for everyone you sit next to in the future (you are welcome everyone). I feel like I can write the manual for behavior on a plane, it would be interesting to have the flight attendants do a behavior presentation after the short video on the plane's safety features...hmmm, this could be a new project.

On a side note, I did make it home safe and sound...and am now prepping to go back to the motherland - India - in 16 days. Bring on the frequent flyer miles!



  1. A couple of things...
    1. funny thing, I think I sat next to that same guy once...I really hope there isn't more than one of him.
    2. My favorite part of this blog is when you say "samja." I can totally imagine you saying that - hand gestures and all.
    3. with all these frequent flyer miles, you should book your ticket to nyc soon.

  2. Next time you have a stop over in Toronto please let me know so I can come to the airport and see you. kthxbye :)