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Sunday, 28 August 2011

All aboard....

Good day everyone! India is still an amazing place! I have one more day in Delhi...truly a special place. Anna is still fasting, roads are closed and the government is taking measures to move the Jan Lokpal bill through the process. There is a lot happening!

Yesterday I had the opportunity, if you can call it that, to travel by train in India. The group I am with travelled to Dehradun, just north of Delhi. The Shatabdi Express was our mode of transport - left at 630ish am and reached at around 1230 pm, we came back that same day. Dehradun is a lively place. Its a smaller town with lots of activity! The protests even reached there. There are some amazing schools that are up in those parts as well!

The train was an experience...I am not sure how many reading this have been on a train in India, if you have share your experience. I traveled in First Class, which dont get your hopes up high, its nothing like Air Canada first class, but its first class none the less. I was expecting an experience like Dil Se's Chayya Chayya - dont worry, I will post the vid. There was no dancing, no songs, no bollywood hero...however there was a mouse. You have all heard about Snakes on the Plane, well the sequal may as well be called Mouse on an (Indian) Train! It was some scary stuff. The locals were not phased at all by this...I was, and I know the other Westerners were also! The locals I think were entertained by our was pretty funny looking back at the whole thing...however, needless to say, I am going to stay away from the train for a bit!



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