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Sunday, 21 August 2011

two things are invetible in Mumbai...

Thanks for all those that have read this so far, it may not be overly interesting, but its something...haha!

Mumbai is amazing. Yesterday I decided to leave the hotel and explore with a couple of colleagues that I was travelling with. We decided to go a part of Mumbai that I was really familiar with, so we went to Elco Market in Bandra off Hill Road. I highly recommend this area for anyone that wants to shop for clothes, accessories, and just random can pretty much find everything in this part of Mumbai. We decided to take a taxi from the hotel we are at (Hyatt Regency Mumbai), this was great because it was air conditioned. We however did run into TONS of traffic...which is the first thing that is inevitable about India! Its really mess - its kind of hard to describe in words, I didnt take a picture, I will try to and post. I guess the easiest way to try to describe Mumbai traffic is to think of 100 cars in 10 lanes, all trying to get into 4 lanes and they all want to be first. Oh and they are all using their horns. Its actual pretty incredible how the horns work, its like its another language...Did I mention to add to the mix of traffic and cars, you have auto rickshaws, motorcycles and cows, yes....I did say cows. This chaos is so interesting for me to watch, because it works...I guess it reminds me that no matter how crazy my life is, its crazier other places...haha!

The second inevitable thing deals with food - its sooo good! I think most places in India are amazing when it comes to food. I went to Sheetal Bukhara yesterday - I mentioned it in my first blog - we had the butter chicken, chicken bhiryani and navratan korma. OMG, I loved it all! It was an amazing meal! I highly suggest this place!

Two inevitable things in Mumbai then kids....traffic is crazy and the food is amazing!

Until next time...



  1. While there is no picture of the traffic, your words helped to create the perfect mental looks/sounds intense! I hope you're not planning to cross any streets anytime soon!

  2. Next time you go to Mumbai, you must try the pani puri and fresh sugar cane juice at Elco Market and the yummy Frankees of Bandra!!!