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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mumbai...meri jaan

I made it to India :) India is an amazing place. 160 years ago, my family migrated from India to Eastern Africa. There really hasn't been much of a connection with India, aside from the box that I would check on census forms or bollywood movies, but there is something to say about visiting an ancestral home.

Mumbai is a vibrant city, a city where you see class divides, where you find diversity, where one can be run over, literally and figuratively, if not aggressive enough. I got in last night, after the 27 hour journey from Vancouver. Landing at 1 am was amazing - seeing the lights of the city from afar, then getting off the plane and feeling the realness of the city through the heat and humidity.

Its monsoon season now in Mumbai...I hope I don't get washed away...haha! I haven't left the hotel yet, the rains have been strong, and they have been inconsistent. I am just watching bollywood movie now - there is something about Indian cinema that automatically gets my attention. I don't think its the comical fighting, or the cheesy sound affects...its def the songs and dances, and the hopeless romantic in me also fights for a happy ending (knowing that it will be there), so I wait three hours for the happy ending :)

Anyways, I do plan to get out and about and see the city and hopefully run into a bollywood star or two...

If you are ever in Mumbai, you should check out these places to eat - SO good:

Sheetal Bhukara:
Mumbai's Elco Market:

Thanks for reading! I will post more later...for now...

Peace :)


  1. More ways to stalk you?!?! SIGN ME UP!

  2. NICO.....welcome to india....DELHI IS WAITING FOR YOU..

  3. Love it! Can't wait to read more. =)

  4. Don't forget to try crispy spinach!